Saturday, July 31, 2010


Saturday we went to Laural Caverns in South Western Pa. It was interesting to say the least. The weather was amazing and the "5 county" view was great too. It wasn't cloudy... its just the horizon is so far way it gets blurry. Don't mind the Hubs.
Sorry for being sideways. I need to remember that with this darn camera. the cave entrance was connected to the visitor center. This was a very commericalized "natural cave". Notice the chandeliers leading you down the many flights of stairs. Not that I'm really knocking the light fixtures... but its hard to take the tour seriously.

You can see some of the "tight" spaces we walked through. I thought I was going to poking an eye out some times.

This is a neat trick here. The tour guide would roll the ball down the plank and it would roll back down to him. The pictures makes it look like I took it side ways... but the cavern is at a 30 degrees slop at this point and the plank was actually lower on his side. Optical illusion. We also did a few other things... but no pictures!

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