Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hawaii 2012

Alright. In order to curb my "fever" we have planned a Second honeymoon so to speak. Hubs has been to Hawaii twice and did went both times with family. He would love to go back and I think I need to see a beach at least once in my life time! So... we decided Hawaii in 2012. We figured this gave us enough time to research, save, and go. This would also be the last large trip we plan on taking as a family of two!

We have a few requirements. No hotel. Well not any sky scraping, view ruining, elevator riding kind of hotels. We are talking bungalow's, fake thatched roofs, open windows, cottage style kind of places. I found one here. That I am loving! Kona Village Resort I think was the name. I'll have to check, or you can click and check it out your self! I don't' really need the two master bedroom suit OVER the ocean... but the vintage hut in the garden I think would be amazing. We could walk to the beach or to the main lodge with out much effort. They offer rooms, rooms with breakfast, rooms with 3 meals, and then rw3m and much more. Think golf, scuba, spa, etc.

I am very excited for this trip even though I know it is about a year and a half way! I want to spend my time learning about all the things we can do, book some if need be, and sit back and enjoy!

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