Thursday, July 08, 2010

Procrastination Off

It is my day off. Well... a day off I guess I don't always get this day off. Anyways! I have been busy. I have been working on mom's quilt... or quilt 2. I have four complete blocks (top rights) and 3 half blocks and some 1/4 blocks. This is going to be the far left corner of the quilt. Its the "Oklahoma Crossroads" pattern that I changed up to fit what I wanted it to look like. Its actually a very easy patter being 4 by 4 squares. The hardest part is trying to remember which diagonal goes which direction. I had originally pieced together the center 4 squares and have been piecing the edge around it together but that proves to be a slow process. I have to plan out the corner squares which makes quick piecing very slow. On to a new plan! I'll work in 4x4 corner squares that way when I decide what color stars go where I don't have to rip out any seems if the planning doesn't work right! It make since in my head if it doesn't here.... I however have been able to get all that done in only a few hours because I moved a bench in from the living room to prop my ironing board up on. Now I just swivel to iron or sew. I am moving SOOOOOO much faster this way. Now I dont' have to get up, step over cords and go iron on the washing machine. I'll leave that for cutting....
This is the project that I should be doing as I write this post and what I'll have to do when I finish. Notice my nice living room wall. This is the right side....

This is the left.... Notice anything missing? Besides the walls not having mud or paint on them... they are also missing trim....
That's because its been sanded and is hanging out in the garage! You can see the center board didn't get the "spa" treatment and is still its natural color.

We are hopefully taking the rest of the trim down today, sanding, and maybe painting the basement den. Depend on how much I complain and how much Hubs pushes. Let it be known this was my idea and I have kicked and screamed the WHOLE way through! The plan is to refresh the living room. The stain we are using will look similar if not the same in pictures but in reality will be one tone, glazed not worn, spider and dust free, and overall better. The walls will also get a new coat of Almond paint that matches the dining room. I figure its color but not COLOR! Anything but white! or masking tape yellow! (Miss you girls!)
Opps... I think I'm caught... hubs just came home and the basment should be "stripped" by now!
Edit: False alarm! Husband didn't get home until about 20 of the 25 or so pieces were down! So I looked really productive. The rest he had to help me with really anyways. They were too tall for me and furniture was in the way!

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  1. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad to you know you didn't shrivel up and die a slow death when you cancelled, as I'm sure my husband is expecting he'll do. ;o)

    LOVE the quilt, by the way.