Thursday, July 08, 2010


So I got all the trimmed pulled off with Hub's help. I then cleaned the ledge and the swept the walls. Yeah... swept the walls. The molding is wide, thus there is a large empty spot between it and the actual wall. 20 years of dirt and bugs were back there. I was not please with the process of cleaning at all. It was very gross. I still didn't get it all I realized as I painted it into the wall. Oops. Hubs was busy pulling out nails and sanding down the new wood while I went ahead and painted. This was a bad idea since I am a horrible painter. I didn't drip an ounce... but the walls look horrible. They have missing spots and parts where its running. Now explain how its too thick and thin at the same time!? Well Here is a shot of the first wall. I was trying to figure out if I like it or not.
Honestly still not sure what I think. I don't HATE it. I also don't LOVE it. It makes the room look nicer and not like we just moved it. It also makes it darker (it was dark, I might change my mind in brighter lights). Its the same color as the dinning room... so we'll see.
Excuse the mess... I didn't bother cleaning anything else in the room.

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