Friday, July 09, 2010

Christmas Time...

OK... so its not really Christmas, but it could be Christmas in July. Its the half way point. Since entering the world of quilting I have searched out a billion craft blogs. Only found a few I could stick with but it keeps building all the time. A few have even mentioned getting on the Christmas Gift Bandwagon and starting their gifts for this year!

HOLY GOOD GRIEF I had no idea! I guess that does explain how people are able to do so much at Christmas... they start 6 months earlier! Well not to be left off any crafting blog bandwagon I went to work. Well virtual work. I mapped out what I want to give the relatives who will be getting gifts.

There are two moms, two dads, two siblings, two grandmas. 6 out of 8 of the gifts will be in fabric. None of them will be quilts (just throwing that out there). The other two I figure husband can figure out since I did a majority of the thinking already.

2 out of the 6 needs a pattern or fabric. The other four need fabric (and a theme) and a frame. Hum.... I know right!? I would post what they are... but some of the relatives pop their head in here and I don't want to be giving anything away... specially 6 months early!

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