Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Basment in Progress: Warning!

I came home Sunday night to find that the lower half of the basement had been sanded. Luckily Hubs is a smarty and tarped the fabric furniture and moved most of the nicknack's up stairs (most). I came home about 10 from work and needed to be up at 5 the next morning for work.

But before I went to sleep Hubs let me know that we NEEDED to clean the down stairs. I was perfectly fine with leaving an inch of saw dust and grime all over the basement until I had more sleep. He didn't see it this way. So... we got out a rags and wetted them down. I made it as far as a corner of a ledge and 3 washings before my white rag was a dark grey brown. I have no idea if it will get clean again... I might have thrown it way. We then moved on to the rag box instead of using my cleaning clothes. The rag box consist of deconstructed t-shirts. The front will some day be t=shirt quilts where as the back and sleeves served as quick, dirty, and disposable rags.

It took about 10 more sleeves for me to finish the basement and husbands shirt back that never seemed to stay dirty. It also took 2 hours or so from start, to shower, to bed. Needless to say the alarm didn't go off. Thank goodness husband set a second one for 30 minutes later. So I was rushed, tired, and panicked. I made it on time to work, had a horrible, no good, very bad Monday (not the norm). But, today I slept in, haven't done anything but surf the net and don't' need to be at work for another 3 hours. Life is good!

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  1. I bet the basement looks a lot better after the sanding though! It sounds like you guys are making some good progress! It's awesome that he got half of it done already!