Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Super Women

I have no idea how people "do it all". My house is a mess. That is partially due to me not cleaning it and partially due to the mess that renovation causes. Why is my house a mess? Oh... I don't know... a few reasons come to mind.

One...I work. Yeah, I don't work a lot... but it is weird hours and who wants to clean clean clean and then go to work for 8 hours? or come home from an 8 hour day and clean clean clean? So... that I guess leaves my day off, but who wants to clean on their day off!?

Two... I quilt. So I probably shouldn't quilt unless the house is clean. I tried that, for two weeks. I didn't get any quilting done! So where is the fun there? I guess I could just not let my house get this dirty... but the dogs, cat, and husband doesn't seem to be on my same wave length.

Three... I don't like to clean. Yeah... OK so really should be the number one reason why the house isn't clean, but its not. I'll do the cleaning. I even can get a lot done if there is a grove going. I'll even do weird cleaning like changing baking soda jars in rooms or do spot treatments. I guess if the situation occurs I do actually like cleaning... but that rare eclipse doesn't seem to happen enough to get the house clean!

So... how do the super women of the world do it? Do they have a maid? Do they not get as much sleep as I do? Do they really not have anything out side of cleaning and working and they just think they are "busy". Hehe... how do they "do it all"?!

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