Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Block Swap

I have been trying to get into a Block Swap or Bee for a while. What is that you ask? Well... Its a quilters thing of course. (BTW when did this decorating blog turn so quilt-ish?)

You join a group, follow the rules, and end up with a quilt. Ok so thats the readers digest version.

Actually I had to keep checking this website/flickr group through Quilting Bee Blocks. I eventually stumbled on one that had recently formed, needed members, and wasn't too specific on requirements. After doing more research it seems like everyone in the group is participating in their first or second bee so we are all newbies! This excites me since I am very new to all of this too.

About Fresh & Funky Bee-ginners Quilting Bee is the one I have the pleasure of joining! I was actually the last member to join since we will take December off due to holidays. So... in July next year I will have 10 blocks from around the world. I can not even believe this!! I think it might be the coolest way to EVER quilt. I was really wanting a group of friends to quilt with... but hauling machine back and forth sounds silly. I'll just spend some money on postage and get a quilt made from my new "friends" around the world. I can't stop saying "around the world" LOL.

Now... where are my new friends from you ask? Our host lives in London, and the rest reside in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Darmouth Nova Scotia Canada, Australia, Portugal, Illinois, and me in PA. Yeah.. I am trying not to jump around the room right now I am so excited!

I think I'm going to have them work on my Christmas quilt. I have three colors right now... but I think I'll invest in a few more 1/4 yards or "holiday fabric" and see what I can get. Have any suggestions? Should I pick a whole new set of fabric? Have you ever used flickr and can tell me what to do? Do you think I'm crazy or are you jealous!? hehe

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  1. Um, that is about the coolest thing I have every heard of! That's supper exciting!