Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fabric selection

Alright... Mom Fowlington picked out her main fabric! Its from a line I have already forgotten the name of... I'll have to check the selvage. I have been dying to use this fabric, but couldn't justify where I would use it. You could probably look at this whole fabric and the only thing your going to find in my house from it is that sliver of red on the orange flowers... everything less is absent from my decor. So, when my friend picked this fabric I was so excited to get to work. I can't tell which photo shows a better color option of the pattern so I added one in sunlight verse the one above that was taken in the store.This is the lovely-worked-hard-to-put-it-together coordinating fabric. All the fabrics with the exception of the first green to the left and the yellow are from the same line of fabric. They however were not in the same section so I went around the store looking for coordinating fabric to find matching! I was very excited. The pink, first blue, and second green are all the same tone on tone leaf design that can be found in the original print. The blue bird in the second pictures shows the design well. The two browns are slightly different. They are clearly a darker background, but the flowers are smaller duplicates of the flowers in the inspiration fabric. The second green and yellow were added as contrast to the two brown prints. The green is geometric mum print that looks similar to the mum in the second inspiration picture. The yellow is just a nice yellow that is similar to tone and boldness as the other fabrics.I think as a backing for this quilt (depending how busy it actually comes out) I might use this coordinating fabric as the backing. It is stripes of the various matching fabrics in the line along with some other solid strips that bring out hints of colors in flowers in birds. Then again If the mom want something different I'm happy to oblige.

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  1. I really like the backing idea, but like you, I'd like to see how busy it turns out first, lol. I do think though that the big white print with flowers all over it between the green and red on it would maybe work nicely as a backing too...SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!