Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fabric Ideas

In order to figure out what fabric to use for my the Big Girl Bed blanket that I am making I did some quick fabric photo shoots yesterday. Some of them my camera could capture well others match better then they appear to. I figured I would pick one or two fabrics that would be the main focus then find fabrics that match it from there. The first few imagines are of matching fabric and ideas of color on color prints that could be used. The remaining photos work themselves into bolder prints that would most likely make a statement and carry the piece as far as color goes.

Random green fabric that would match many of the other examples below. Basic orange fabrics. Minimal orange available. Also minimal orange in other prints as a main color.

Novelty print. Not my style, but it has bird houses and sayings. Could be paired up but wouldn't be matched with many pinks, mostly blues and oranges.

First in a series. Only flowers. Easily matched.
Second in series. Birds and geometric flowers mostly. Great colors. Easily paired out side of the series. 3rd in a series of matching prints. Wouldn't necessarily be used since the strips would be lost, but could be a backing if the colors are picked.

Lime and Kelley green with Pinks combo. Has a similar pattern with more flowers to match. Also you can seem a little bit of a pink with green polka dots in background that could work with it.

Pink green and Brown. Easily paired.

Bright colors. Pink and Orange both present. Wouldn't have to match up quite as colorful fabrics could use this as a starter fabric.

Very busy, multiple colors, and birds everywhere. Could easily be matched with other patterns. Might give an older vintage look.

Light and bright pinks mixed with lime and Kelly green. No oranges.

White back ground with purple and fuchsia birds. Not in the color scheme but very bird friendly. Could find prints to match.

One of the few prints that had orange and pink. Also had chocolate brown background.
White and chocolate back ground with a busy flower pattern. Any of these colors could be easily matched.

These are two chocolate brown fabrics with lime and hunger green ascents. There is no orange so to speak but the pink and yellow are very bright.
This is a light blue fabric with white flowers, true orange splashes and light mint green leaves There is quite the random selection. I attempted to find fabric with pink, green, and orange. This proved to be more difficult then I would have imagined. I eventually just picked up fabrics that I thought were nice and would work! Hopefully it all makes since!

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  1. I am in LOVE with the birds and geometric patterns one! It's perfect! The just flowers one that is the first in a series is cool too, but the second is my fav and doc loves it too! I love it as a starter fabric!