Friday, July 23, 2010

Big Girl Quilt

I have a friend over at Fowlington Buzz that has asked me to make a quilt for her daughter's upcoming big girl bed. I am very excited and have started looking at fabric! Today she posted pictures of what her little girls room looks like, well the colors anyways. This has given me a jumping off point!

The first thing that came to mind when looking at her art was the fabric on the far right. Not that the rest of the fabric won't get used, but it would be extremely boyish I think seeing how it is the fabric for my brothers quilt.

I would also, I think, need to throw some red, pinks, oranges, maybe some purple. I think flowers might be in order too. But, I'm not sure. I'll keep searching!

So, lets tally up where quilts are in the "works" right now

1. Mom's fall quilt

2. Baby boy 2 quilt

3. Baby boy 3 quilt

4. Big girl blanket

5. Friends Wedding Christmas quilt

6. My Christmas quilt

OF course in no order since mom's was "first" I imagine it will actually be finished way after the others. The baby blankets will probably be done quickly for the shear fact that they are so quick to make... just need to have them confirmed. Along with the big girl blanket. The pattern picked out is Right up my square and straight lines ally! Friends wedding Christmas quilt... well I'll need some major support on that one! My Christmas quilt... well I'm hoping to somehow work that into a block swap. I would love to send off some fabric and just get back blocks! Wouldn't that be nice, also very Christmas friendly with the whole "giving and receiving" aspect. Well I have rambled. Enough from me to day!

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