Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lady Bug quilt!

I finished the lady bug quilt this after noon. I spent last night doing a crazy swirly free motion quilt on it. I did learn that is not what my presser foot is made for! It was interesting and more difficult then need be but in the end... it is finished. You can read about its beginnings here.

A closer view of the quilting and its back. I ventured off the color path and boldly with with a green binding. I considered black stripes but they didn't have any so my second choice was green. Of course when I went to look for a green the only "grass green", because what else would lady bugs be in, was a dot pattern. So there you have it. Meant to be!

This one is for sale. Granted I'm not sure maybe $20? Its 28 in x 38 in. So I figure it is a really nice doll blanket, a tummy time mat, or a lap quilt for a very hip elderly person!

I have been comissioned to do two baby boy blankets. I haven't got the colors yet, so I haven't started. They will be my next beginning to end projects, but until then I'll work on Mom's quilt and maybe start on the holiday one for my friend who's been married 2 weeks now!

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