Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3rd and Final

OK... so your going to think I'm crazy. I joined another bee. Yes, I did just quit one, however that bee did 15 or so blocks in a two month span where this block will have me doing 1 block each month for however long. Much easier to manage. I especially didn't have time for that many blocks in this particular span. The only bee block I have done so far took me maybe 3 hours, I completed two blocks and started a third. It sat waiting to be put together and mailed long then it did actually being put together.

So... what is this new bee about you ask? Solids. Yup, solids. That's it... nothing complicated just solids. I have already figured out what I am doing... well narrowed it now to two styles anyways.

I have seen this style a few times now. I think the modernness of it is amazing. You can't have a more modern quilt then this. It is a block knock off of pier someone... yeah I should look that up.

I'm not sure what exact colors I would choose if I did this style. It seems to be limited to about 3. Maybe primary? Maybe white, black, and grey? Looks like two shades next to each other on the color wheel and them maybe a contrasting is the key?
Then there are simple crazy cut blocks. Any size any thing goes. I'm not sure I would like a whole quilt like this. It does seem crazy in the non Victorian way. However, you could build and build with this one and whoever helped wouldn't' matter. I could combine this bee with my first one and maybe get around 24 blocks. That could be fun! Specially since I can't figure out what to do for that one!

So which style do you like best? Modern and Mod or Pieced crazy?

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  1. Hi! I'm actually southeast of pittsburgh, in the Delmont/Murrysville area. About how far are you away from the city? How funny were both so close and joined the same bee! So excited to start, I definitly love the modern and mod style for sure.