Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I am ready for fall. I found a candle randomly today as I was picking up around the front end at work. I noticed that it had a picture of Cinnamon sticks on it. "Spice Fall" or something along that extent was how it read. I took a giant whiff. This brand of candle was the only kind during Christmas that MADE me buy candles. They were so good. I had hope for this one.

HEAVEN. I could not put it down. In fact I practically shoved it in the face of anyone near by. "Does this spell like football season?" OK... so football season really smells like cut grass, sweat, and hot dogs. But This spice fall was close enough. Maybe I it smelled more like falling leaves, well if they had a smell. I just know I am ready for the weather that requires a long sleeve shirt, maybe a sweat shirt, jeans, and possibly a funky hat to keep you warm when the lights get low. I am ready for curling up under a blanket and watching some college football. I am ready for tail gating and heavy food. I am ready for fall. It needs to get her Fast and stay a long long long time. I am not going to rush the snow like I did last year... wait. Wait snow as long as you possibly can. I want my cool days and cold nights. I want my sweat shirts with out funny looks. I want sweaters, boots, and multi colored trees. I would even let you have summer if you could stay longer.

And yeah... it does look like that here!

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