Monday, August 02, 2010

August Block

For "Fresh and Funky"'s August block Chrissy chose the spider web star. I am sure there is a better name for it but this is what I am going to call it. She did a test run and sent out the fabrics on the 30th. They should be getting here pretty soon since she is only in central North Carolina. This block scares the living day lights out of me. It can be a true scrappy quilt if you want it to be, or it can be of colors of your choosing. She did a tutorial of it and linked to others. I will hopefully do a tutorial... or at least get pictures of how I survived my adventure into the spiderweb world.

I have seen this quilt done multiple ways.

(click picture for link)

Ok, well this is the most intersting full quilt I could find. I know I have seen one in black in white that actually looks like a spiders web. Very cool for Halloween.


  1. Holy lots of tiny pieces! I mean, it looks INCREDIBLE, but pretty intense too! You are brave!

  2. Luckly I only have to do one. I haven't tried to do a test piece. I don't have enough scrap fabric to make that look nice... lol.

  3. So from someone who knows nothing about quilting, it looks like you make square blocks out of lots of thin strips and then cut diagonally to make acute triangles and sew together. No?
    Either way, looks hella awesome!

  4. Yup that exactly reall. Large triangles then sew the strips out wards...