Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday mail

On Friday I had two people let me know that I had packages coming from both of them. I was hoping that they would be here Saturday... but of course no luck! I had to wait all weekend and a long day at work to come home to this! Now... I had a mystery envelope and two large envelopes. Inside the small one was a newsletter from my sorority. I was so excited about getting it I immediately sent an e-mail to the alumni chair expressing my excitement and joy to know about the goings on of my old chapter. Next I opened from my friend who is working on a quilt with me. Lets call it my Blue Quilt. It is for a friends wedding and we have been working on it for quite some time. I'll post more pictures of the other blocks later... but for now you can see her handy work! I don't think the bride reads this blog so I feel safe to show this...but the rest of the pictures might come after the wedding.

The second envelop was from the August block of Fresh and Funky. She did the strip spiderweb that scares the bee geezies out of me... But after looking at the fabulous fabric... I don't know if I can even sleep thinking about getting my hands on it! She sent enough fabric for two bases (cutting mistake...) and 16 3 x 6 inch strips of fabric. I'll try very hard to make her two blocks. I imagine that is the real desire behind two base strips... but I won't get too cocky. I might be the one that needs to re cut!
Wasn't the package cute? Now I have to live up to an amazing quilt block and cute wrapping. This might be too much! I also have 10 other people to go before me that might be trying to top this. Oh Lordy it sucks to go last! But check out all those amazing fabrics. I don't' think they make a lot of since until you see them together like this, then it looks so Fresh and Funky!!!
Check this out also. Although the picture is quite washed out (the flowers are completely pink, no white) but I had to take it as soon as I got it and I was working with bad lighting and a flash. This is a fat quarter that she just thought she would share with us! I don't have to cut it up and include it in her quilt. This is mine! I just got my first piece of stash fabric. I have nothing to pair it with. Nothing in the works to use it with. It is just mine.I am going to LOVE this bee block swapping stuff!

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