Friday, August 20, 2010

Beware of Dog

If you didn't know I have dogs. Two of them. When I still lived in Oklahoma (almost two years ago) we adopted a dog from the pound. She is half shepard half it said. She is really half rotwieller half cow dog from what the vets keep telling us. Either way she is the light of my life as far as furbabies go. Her name is Mia (Me-ah). Mia loves to run, chase the frisbee, and relax.

4 months ago a friend needed to get rid of her dog due to it running off and various other reasons. Memphis is a Rottweiler. Memphis is large, much larger then Mia. Memphis, bless his heart, is not the brightest thing in a yard. He is like a teenage boy during a growth spurt. He has no idea where his feet are, how much it hurts when he runs into your or anything else on long those lines. I call him "Big Bubba"... the name fits.

A few weeks ago when we went to CCalifornia a friend, Memphis real mom, watched and fed that animals for us. The first day she set off the alarm. She ended up leaving before the cops came. The cops came, freaked out about the dogs, and left. After we returned the cops came by to have a chat with me. My dogs "were a hazard to my safety" because the cops couldn't check my property. I laughed... I laughed a lot (well in side and after the cop left) If the cop... who had mase and a gun was afraid of my dogs why would he think the burglar wouldn't be? My dogs will roam free for now thank you!

Just now I heard a Honk Honk over and over again. I was annoyed! So I looked outside and there is a truck in my front yard honking. I run down the stairs swing open the door "Can I help you?!" "Yeah, your dog scares me can we talk!?" HA. See look... the friendly person can't even get out of their truck to sell me something...

BTW what did they sell me? Find out tomorrow... lol

Note: our dogs have an electric fence that they can not get out of. Mia is scared to death of the shock and hasnt' had a working collar in 6 months, she still doesnt' know this. Memphis got out once... we moved his setting from a 2 to a 5 he doesnt' do that anymore. *Wink*

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