Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have officially started quilting the blue quilt. it is slightly a pain. For as tiny as it is I would think it would be easier. I have already puckered a few spots and I have hardly sewn anything! I decided to trace around the blocks and if they are border trace both edges. This is proving to be a challenge in some places and easier in others. The back is not as pretty as I would like. There is some bunching in places of the thread and a few places I have had to tie it off. Hopefully she won't look at the back and we'll never notices. I'll just spin it that it was on purpose and nothing is perfect!?

I think I can get this done today... but then I have no idea what I'll bind it with. I have a lot of left over fabric... and what I think would look best I honestly just dont' want to give up. I'm selfish and would like to keep that fabric for my self just a little longer.

I did however buy some more fabric yesterday. Two 1/2 yards of a blue/green/blue bubble/polka dot fabric and a blue leaf. I'll be using these in combination of Bub's blue and green, and BGQ blue bird, green leaf, and yellow. The boy blanket was requested to be blue and green and BRIGHT.  Well... this won't be neon... oops... but It will be really cute!

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