Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Day Off

Today turned out to be a busy day! Once I finally woke up that is!

Called the chiropractor and made an appointment. Worked on some pot holders until the appointment. Went, waited, finally got seen, left and hour later. Went to Heaven (aka Sew Much Fun) and got a 1/4 inch sewing foot and some information on an embroider. Ate at Red Robin. Went to PetSmart and got two new Frisbees and a ring chew toy for the kids. Went to Joann's and got some batting for future quilts and the pot holders (they were 40% off). Went to the bank. Stopped at a used book store, didn't have cash so didn't buy any of the books I found. Went next door to The Persimmon Tree and found neat little bobbles. Went to Spring House to pick up milk and applied for a job (wasn't on the plans). Went home, told husband about day. Went to dinner. Got called by Spring House to come to work tomorrow for a "trial". Went to work and asked about changing my availability. Came home. About to go bind a quilt or untangle a mess of fabric. A busy day!

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