Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Busy Bee

Alright, well I finally sat down and did some sewing. I figured out where a 1/4 inch seem was and made things happen. I had 3 blocks that were due by the end of September and I had also already received an October block. I really wanted to work on the October block since it was Christmas themed fabric in a wonky design but I made my self meet my deadlines before starting a new project.  Anyways, if I miss too many deadlines they kick me out... then no more pretty fabric coming my way! The lighting isn't great resulting in pretty bad pictures. Its cold, rainy, and dark outside... and my lights just created a glare, so please bare with me!

This first set was a pair. Sew three strip of fabric together, Cut out 60* triangles and so them back together. These hexagons measure around 12 inch's wide. they are a great way to get huge blocks.

Another bee (can't remember which block is for which yet) gave specific instructions for a pin wheel in a boarder. Our host gave us just enough fabric to pull off the look she wanted. Thank goodness there was no major cutting errors here. I did have some measurement problems, but then realized I need to square up my pinwheel before attaching the borders. This corrected all the problems!

This block came from the Solid bee block group. Our host requested pin wheels. I had in idea of doing three pin wheels, but my cutting before measuring and thinking cost me some size and fabric. I ended up adding some scrap fabric to meet the 10.5 size requirement. I really really really hope she doesn't mind that its not solid pinwheels. Some of the other girls in the bee got creative so I won't be the only one!

These next blocks were the package sent for the October bee. I have so much I plan on getting done this month, I"m glad I could get a head start on this one! She sent us various size of widths and told us to do a wonky log cabin. I really love this design. It allows for mistakes and doesn't require exact measurements! She sent enough for2 blocks at 12.5, but I used ALL of the material and scrapped together a third. Hopefully she doesn't mind. I don't really care if she uses it...

This is the first wonky log cabin that I started on. The host had this great blue (and red) snowflake fabric. I decided based on my name it would be cute to start with a blue snowflake in the middle. I picked the prettiest one, cut it from the middle of the fabric and went from there.

 This was my second attempt at a block. I tried to create a "Christmas tree" in the middle. It turned out very distorted, good thing wonky was OK! I just went from there. You can see the pretty blue fabric better in this block. You can also see the great multi colored "brick" fabric. It was not a bold Christmas fabric, but it had all the right colors.
This is my third attempt at a block. If you can't tell its very scrappy! The lines on the top and bottom become very pieced in order to make it long enough to complete the look. It probably wont' be very noticeable come time that it is being quilted.
 This is a close up of the first block. You can see the fabric just a touch better. This block looks like it is already stuff and quilted, but its not.
 I really enjoyed putting all these blocks together. Now I just need to work on the rest of my UFOs and start my Christmas projects!

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