Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well, I had planned on taking a picture of the large stash of 4 inch squares that are piling up and pairing off into threes... but my camera is currently attached to the docking station down loading 134 pictures (or so) for shutterfly. I hardly doubt that I will be using all these pictures for my memory/scrap album, but a girl likes choices. But all that in mind I'll just give you a small hint of what I have been working on.

Christmas will be coming early this year for family since I will be seeing them later this month. The plans are to have some projects worked on and finished. This may or may not include 3 quilts of undetermined sizes. Oddly enough all projects currently in the works (in my mind at least) all can easily relate to this month. Take that as you will.

I'm also still working on the potholders for a friends wedding three months ago. These would be more impressive if they were on time. Now it looks like I am just the slacker that I am! But, I"m working on them on my breaks at work, which I feel is more productive then sitting there watching sports center. I am also still working on the big girl quilt. It is half way quilted but I ran out of thread. I have bought lots more, but have used it on every project but this one. It will be done. Its to simple not to be completed!

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