Friday, September 03, 2010

Holy September

Its my birthday month! I might be doing a happy dance if it didn't mean that I was a step closer to thirty and not in the middle of cleaning house. Yeah, in the middle as in took a small "break" and I have been online for an hour. Oh well. it does mean the leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping, and the tail gating has begun! The first home game of "my team" up here in the north is this weekend. This saturday where I just happen to be work from 7:45 to 3:15 and then again from 4 till un known. So... I won't be squeezing in any tailgating this weekend which makes me VERY sad. But then again, who wants to tail gate when its so hot? Give me a cool after noon and a gold night, some BBQ and now were talking!

Husband pretty much finished the basement up. A few more nails, a little less dust, and a few decorations and it will be 99% finished. I could wash the curtains too, or at least iron them... but they are already up, so a goal for another time! I'll get pictures as soon as everything is in its place.

I have also finished the blue quilt. Its binded and ready to mail. However, I forgot to include a square that NEEDS to be included... so a small pillow will be added. I do mean small... because I think I"m going to take the 6 in square, put a back on it and stuff it. It will be cute and something they can put on a shelve. I can also rip it up later and make it a larger pillow if they like... but I dont' want to worry about shipping it... not that stuffing weighs much. Picture to come... I'll actually go do that now while its light out side and I'm thinking about it!

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