Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So we finally finished the basement... well you know finished painting, stopped hammering, and moved most of the garage materials back to their home... in the garage. I have searched for before photos and the CD that says it holds all the before photos is not giving me the option to see them... so I can't provide any. Hopefully they are still there and just being difficult, because it also has honeymoon pictures that I dont' really care to lose.

As you walk in the front door and glance to your right (and maybe kneel down a bit) this is what you see. Yes its a little dark, but I took this pictures with all the curtains closed because the sun was not helping any. You can see our new tiled counter. the new almond wall color, new picture frames (with out pictures) hanging on the wall in the "game corner" and a glimpse at the new light fixtures!

Now go down the stairs from the front door and turn to your right. You know see this ( with out the water spotted lens). We have our new stripped curtains (opened and closed). Our new vizio TV (the wires have since been hidden). This is basically the area of the house we spend the most time. In fact I think I spent more time in there yesterday watching moves (I was sick) then in bed sleeping! Its a great new place!
The reason for this basement make over was a new paint color on the walls... but resulted in the whole thing being remodeled to what we had been talking about since we moved in. Thus... the bar got installed. We are still missing a microwave for popcorn popping. But we have a fridge with pop and 14 cabinets waiting for things to fill them! Husband did all this work with prebuilt cabinets, tile, lighting and what not. This is what truly makes the basement now!
A close up of the work. Still a dark picture but the light was driving me crazy! You can see all the panel work he did the make the cabinets look so nice!
Ignore the cleaning supplies and blanket that is in the process of relocation! Just to give you prospective of the basement.... I realized I have never taken a picture at this angle. I am standing by the red piece of furniture in the first picture looking back at the stairs and bar.Hopefully you can see now where most things are in relation to each other. The first door you see on the right is the bathroom. Too bad this didn't count as part of the redo. It will eventually get worked on. Its horrible! We also rarely use it. I'll actually go up stairs if its not an emergency then use that bathroom, I mostly forget its there. The next door counter clock wise is the laundry room where I sew. and if you look closely you can see a bright white strip in the middle of the door... that's actually the door to the mystery room that you can see which is only a few feet inside the laundry room. I didn't plan this, I just worked around it. The last door in the mini hallway is on the left under the stairs. It will be my new coat closet. There is one currently at the top of the stairs, but since we go out the back door, a coat closet down there makes more since. Thus the old closet will become a new pantry since its across the hall from the kitchen, making more since then going down stair every time I need a can of something to cook!
So, this is the basement redo for the most part. we are finished with DIY home renovation for a while. This took most of the summer. Which, is fine actually since you can't stain here in the winter (too cold). I asked the husband what the next project was and he laughed. Its time for relaxing and enjoying the basement. Oh... and tailgating... can't forget that. The weather is cool, the leaves are changing, and its FOOTBALL season! Yippy!

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