Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two Jobs

 I'm working two jobs now. I've been at the second one over 2 weeks now. Hubby asked me today "how long are you going to be at this job?" I said, "Till I don't need to be?" We hadn't discussed it actually. I came home a few weeks ago and said "I think I got another job" and that was kind of the whole conversation. Since then it has only been "when and where are you working today/tomorrow". So today when he asked that, I thought he had a point. Which he might have, but didn't express. I said I want an Embroidery machine, to get the car paid off, and to get siding on the house. When all that happens or I get a teaching job I'll quit.  So there is no end in sight of this second job, I just hope it pays well enough to be worth the time and effort.

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