Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sewing again!

I have been NOT sewing for a week or more now. I have just put if on the back burner.Instead I have been working, watching movies, or spending time with my husband. However, my machine has been messing up a lot lately. I went and got a 1/4 inch foot press a while back and wanted to try it out. In order to get the foot and need to line up right I have to move my needle to the "right" position. This apparently is the problem. After an hour or so of trouble shooting I put on the traditional foot, moved it to middle and WA La. It worked. So, out of curiosity I moved it to the "left" and got an even better stitch! Well now I am just confused! Luckily I am going to do some stippling or free motion quilting which requires a middle position. But By the end of this month I need to finish 3 blocks for my bees. They all need a true 1/4 seem. I know I can measure this out on the machine I have now... but I was really hoping for this easy fix. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon! Now, off to quilt the big girl quilt!

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