Wednesday, September 08, 2010


When you are younger you have these plans in your head. Ideas of when things will happen and how great they will be. When your little you picture lots of presents at Christmas. When your a preteen you picture a great car to drive when you turn 16. You picture getting out of college with in 4 years with a great GPA shortly after that. Then their is ideas of marriage and possibly babies. I'm sure their are even plans made after that... but I am not to that stage so I really haven't thought about it. Its not in my plans!

Now, some people do things it a little different order, babies, car, marriage maybe down the line. Or Marriage, lots of cars and no babies. Point is life doesn't fallow your plans no matter how easy or difficult they are. You can plan plan plan and things don't happen. Or you can not plan at all and be surprised by what happens.

Its the dealing with the plans that don't happen on your schedule that are the difficult part. The events that happen early might send ya in a tail spin, but since you knew they would happen are easier to deal with. The plans that never seem to occur leave a long void that needs to be fill. I planned to be teaching now, not working 2 not so great paying jobs.I planned to be married, check. I planned to be living in Oklahoma, not a check but most definitely OK with the change of plan. Their are other things I had or have planned that have or haven't worked out. Trying to asses the situation all the time becomes annoying and tiresome.

I want to be the kind of person with no plans and just except things as they come. I want to be OK with life moving slowly or quickly. I want to find something to do to fill in the unplanned days.

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  1. Life doesn't seem to like it when we try to drive! I didn't want to get married or have kids...change of plans! We would love to "go with the flow" but being an adult means we have too many responsibilities to truly "let go". We can pretend though!