Friday, October 29, 2010

Wrapping up October

I haven't posted much because I took a week long trip back to Oklahoma to see my parents. It was homecoming and I figured I would see everyone this weekend. And I did! I saw more people then I expected and ate SO much food. I'm not sure I'll be able to eat again until Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Yeah, not any before or between then!
 This would be my dad, me, and my mom. We were joking about keeping our eyes open for a good shot... we aren't nearly this "deer in the headlights" all the time. I also would like to say it was rainy and cold, so I have layers on... lots of them. I should not be filling out that jersey the way I am! Yes vain of me to point that out... but it needed to be said. Ha!

When I finally did get back to sewing I managed to bust out the rest of my October bee blocks. I worked on the solid bee first. It seemed like the most fun. Block in block, or log cabin. Either way, I can rock the wonky and line blocks. So I did...
Two of them actually, I had enough for maybe a third... but I kept the scraps instead of trying to piece them and falling short. They wouldn't have really been what she was looking for anyways, so I'll just keep them! They are pretty.
 The finished block is 12.5... sort of. She'll have to get creative with this one, its about 12.25 by 12.75. oops! I left her room to square it up hers self... but then realized I had one side short. Hopefully she is a great sewer and knows what to do with a short side!
 Different light. Wasn't sure which showed the true colors better. Its cloudy and over cast today (and for the next 4 months I'm sure) so getting good light with out a flash is hard. However, you can clearly see I have a dark and light block, which was by accident!
 I put these blocks off for a while. I wasn't a huge fan of the star, so I was mature about it, and just didn't do it! But when I finally did get around to putting it together I realized how easy of a block it was and what great fabric I had to work with. Overall I really like the feel of the block, I just can't get past a 4 point start. Maybe its a pinwheel!?
 Since we had enough fabric to do two blocks, I busted out a second. I really hope that when my turn comes around people help me out and send me as many as they have time to make, in turn I want to show my appreciation and do the same for them if they send enough material!

 All my October blocks for the month. Yeah, the Christmas ones I finished almost a month ago. They have just been sitting in their envelope waiting to be mailed. I'm a bad bee person. But there was quite a variety!

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  1. I adore the Christmas blocks! Great job on ALL of them!!