Monday, November 08, 2010

Weekend off

This weekend I had a total of three days off. Pretty impressive since I didn't ask for it! What did I spend my weekend doing you ask? Well... TV. Movies actually. And blogging. Clearly not my blog, reading others. Not that I had any catching up to do. I am pretty much always reading them with in oh...24 hours of them being posted. Really that's sad to admit, but whatever. I also got a little bit of sewing done. I had planned to do more. MUCH MUCH MORE! but alas "Weeds" and "Thema and Louise" got the best of me. So all I got done was finishing Quilt 3's top and almost pieced its back. The piecing of the back has taken me WAY more time then I thought. I had bought a XLong twin sheet for 3.45 a few months back knowing that I would use it for a quilt back. Well today I finally laid it out with the finished top and they are exactly the same width... which is actually a problem. The backing needs to be about 4 inches wider on each side. So... I cut a line down one side and pieced together some top material and made a nice wide strip for the back. Even managed to throw in an embroidery. Well... Now I need to put the other half of the sheet on the stripe and hope that its wide enough... maybe I'll try that before I sew it on. This quilt has had far more stitches ripped out then any of my quilts combined! But the quilting of this will be put on hold until I finish BGQ. I still have it half quilted from like two months ago. I have to go back to my old sewing machine or I am afraid there will be too much of a difference in the stitching and there is far to much quilted to rip it out! So, that will need to be done. Luckily I have the binding cut, just need to iron it and sew it on, then I'll have an actual reason to sit in front of the TV.

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