Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scrap-bee Blocks

I started a flicker group. Well... another bee swap. Yes, its an addiction I'll admit this to anyone. So I'll stick with it!

The idea behind it is either busting your stash (scrap pile) if you are a veteran quilter or building one if you are new. I will be using this opportunity to build my stash. I don't have many prints. This will give me a reason once a month to buy colors that I might not have bought before. I only plan on buying Fat Quarters so this shouldn't be a large money issue. The other kicker is that the mail will only go one way. The host won't be mailing out fabric the bees will use their own (thus the busting/building part) and send it back by the end of the month. This will cut down on cost and give the participant a large variety! Hopefully all goes well. If you would like to join I am more then happy to get you hooked up!

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