Friday, November 26, 2010

Whats a girl to do

Two weeks ago we found out that my Hub's company division was having Thanksgiving dinner. We were invited. It was three hours away.

Whats a girl to do??

Shortly after I found out what time I'm working on black Friday. Its the opening shift. I need to be at work by 3.45 am to great guest and work with team members.

Whats a girl to do??

Wednesday night I received an e-mail saying my local quilt shop was having a black Friday sale. 40% off at 6 am and decreasing 10% every hour. But I had work.

Whats a girl to do??

I asked my husband how much he loved me and if he would head to the quilt shop. He said he would try to get up.

Whats a girl to do??

I go to bed at 10 after getting home from Thanksgiving dinner far far way. Set my alarm for 2:30 am. I do have a thirty minute drive a head of me.

Whats a girl to do??

Get home from work to find out my hubs has bought me 18 yards of Moda Blush fabric.


I am beyond excited to play with this fabric. Right now I just Ohh and Ahh and let a few squeals.

I think this fabric best represents my new love for this line. Its roses, browns, golds, and robins eggs. The solids are amazing in person. I thought about posting a picture but they didn't compare (and almost looked bad) that I chose just to give you a peak!

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