Sunday, December 05, 2010


Since Halloween I have bakend to groups of cookies. The first one consisted of me buying packaged frosting and just at milk cookie dough mix. These were a test drive for my thanksgiving cookies. I did gingerbread people (of multi colors)  and rounds. I only had a drinking glass and one cookie cutter to work with.

 Although they look a little messy, they tasted great and turned out well enough.
 I also only had purple, orange, and black food color left over from a halloween haunted house projects a few years back.

 To cool and dry after icing I used my rack in the kitchen and just moved/condenced the pots and pans. It worked wonderfully. Now, two weeks later, I just need to move them back!
 After buying a 18 pices set of 2inch cutters some more food coloring and supplies I set off for another baking adventure before Thanksgiving. I made two batchs of sugar cookies, one oatmeal raisen, and half of a pecan (aka almond) sandie. Attempting to look more fall/Thanksgiving then christmas I stuck to yellow, orange, rust and white to decorate with.
 I made snowmen, gingerbread people, snowflakes, and rounds. This is a picture of me attempting to use up more frosting. 1/2 a batch of frosting would have been plenty. My snowmen looked as drunk in real life as they do in the photo.
 Some of the people got an 80's hair band make over.
 In the spirit of Bedlam and "less is more" some simply were Cowboy fans.
 These were my favorite two snowflakes. I put a lot of icing on them.
 More normal snowmen.
 The mess in the kitchen
 and the dinning room. It took both to get this accomplished!
 Like I said before, half a batch of icing would have been plenty. I pipped the rest into a bowl as to not wash it down the sink. Eventually I got creative and started practicing my pipping.
 The Alphabet....
 A house with a tree...
 And a Turkey!
I'm still eating plain sugered rounds that I had frozen.They are so good. However, I think I prefered ones with just a little bit of icing. It was just enough sweetness.

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