Monday, December 06, 2010

November Blocks

Like always I wait till the last moment to work on my blocks. This month was no different. I spent Black Friday and Saturday at work along with Sunday. Monday I had off and sewed from sun up to sun down basically. Which really isn't hard since the sun sets about 5.
For the Fresh and Funky Beginners Bee I made these two Shoo Fly blocks from Amy Butler prints.

 They were so easy to make and made such a great looking quilt when combined.
 For the PB&J bee we made a 15.5 inch scrap block out of 2 inch strips and squares. I thought I would hate this block, but it was easy to put together, looked great, and changed my mind! I actually might L.O.V.E this block. I could easily see this become a spring quilt if done with the right colors, or a Christmas quilt, or any kind really. I think I like it mostly for its scrappiness. The host has sent about half of these fabrics and mentioned we could add our own. I wasn't sure how many I could really contribute... well if you cook closely I bet I have half! Most of the solid are hers but I am shocked at how much ended up being mine. To be honest I was pretty selfish. I did have some fabric that I only had 2.5 inch squares of left... and I didn't contribute any of those. I decided to keep them for me when I wanted to do this block for my self!
 the signature block turned out so cute too. But since it has my name and address on it I'll avoid posting. I tried to white it out.. but between paint and the Internet my comp decided to stop working. Oh well..

For the Solid Block Bee we did a tetras theme. I cut the strips into 2inch widths and went from there. I attempted to block out the pattern, but it only was about 6 inch square when I finished so I added and extra strip on the left side. It was kind of fun to make. The first impromptu block I ever planned out first! Hubs now wants a whole quilt done in one be tetras game. I think he will have to figure out that one for him self!

 I did such  a good job with pressing the seams (usually I dont' even bother) that I had to take a picture of this one. It looked so cool before the vertical strip on the end.... oh well.

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