Tuesday, December 07, 2010


At the end of November before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Hubs and I went to Washington DC for our 2nd anniversary. I had gone to Philly last year and decided DC sounded good this year. I hadn't been since I was 14 on a 4-H trip and Hubs had never gone.

  We ate at Hard Rock Cafe the first night.
 and walked around the mall.

 Our hotel room had a mini living room where we watched Shrek 1 & 2 each night.

  We went and saw the capital the first night and then grabbed a picture the second day.
 Don't you love all the head shots with something in the back ground? Its the best we could do. I hate pictures with just scenes.
 We even saw the white house!
 It was pretty cool. It looks much further away then it actually was. To left of the pictures was garden. It was neat to kind of see. It had pumpkins still in it.
 World War II memorial. It was by far the best memorial I have ever seen. Clearly thought out and presented a uniformed look. Very calm and peaceful. It said a lot with just pictures and words.
 Tried to get a picture of us with it in the background... but it wasn't really a place to laugh and smile.
Eventually we made it up the hill and tried for it in the background. No success, but decent picture.

 Standing on the steps of the Lincoln memorial

 Jefferson Memorial behind us.
We will be going back again for sure. We also went and saw the Aerospace museum, Natural History, and American History. I didn't bring my camera Opps! Could have gotten a picture of the Wright plane from Kitty Hawk. THE ACTUAL ONE!! Very cool.  Also the Hope Diamond and a few dinosaurs. The best part was easily the first wives inaugural dress. They were so pretty.

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