Friday, December 17, 2010

For Dad

I'm going to post this before my dad actually gets it for Christmas because I think the chances of him reading this post before then are slim to none... Grandma... don't tell him!

Once I hung it on the clothes line I realized that it weighed too much and would drag if I let go of it... so the outside pictures aren't great. Side note... you can see how much snow we have...

The back was a black sheet from the Room Essentials line that I got on clearance back in the summer. I knew I would be putting together an Collegiate quilt and picked it up. It was JUST the right size... but since I wasn't sure of the quilting and I have read multiple times that it "shrinks" the backing I added an extra 10 inches with the center stripe. Its the same fabric used on the front.

 The quilt tucked all up in the clothes line. You can see Memphis (the male rot)  just barely. He really likes when I hang quilts up for some reason...
  Still not a full shot. This is draped over my banister in the upstairs living room. The stripes are 30 2.5 inch strips sewn together with a 2.5 inch white sashing in between. It is not wonky much to this pictures suggestion. I walked off the couch size the last time I was there and figured this was just about right to reach the whole thing. I haven't measured it.. and not sure I will! I never remember to.
 You can kind of see the quilting here. It is just stitched in the ditch between each line and not on the white. I think I figured it was close to 870+ knots I had to tie and bury.

A last minute addition, because its important to know who the quilt was for and from who... I figured with "LAST NAME" on the back then "For Dad Christmas" would be fine enough too. I actually wanted more... but the embroidery machine would only let me go this small. So no date...
 More pictures as I attempt natural light...

Ok... so hopefully I'll get this mailed off today. Grandma... don't tell dad to read this! Dad... if you do... pretend its a surprise!

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  1. Very nice! I hope he loves it.

    Merry Christmas and happy sewing