Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mug Rug

I friend of mine from work whipped up a knitted pillow for me at the beginning of the month. I should really post  a picture. Her skills are great! It was a "knock off" of a pillow I had been seeing in stores. So she got some yarn and made me a custom one. Well I re payed her with cash... but thought she needed a homemade something something. Since she said one point. "I get up early so I can drink my coffee. Coffee allows me to handle my kids and life all in one day". I figured a mug rug would be perfect. I have never made one but I am not loving them! I put this together in about an hour. I had left over squares from the Big Girl Quilt and I cut some of them up to give it some interest.

She said her favorite colors were blue and green. I picked the dark blue flowers for the main coaster part and then three different blue and green fabrics.

For the back side I didn't have any matching pieces that were large enough to cover the whole back, so I thought I would just do a brighter version of the front. Still left over squares. The pink, blue, and yellow all have the same leaf design in them.  The binding was a strip of brown I found in my fabric stash! The quilting is just a random stipple.

I put this together in about an hour and I am by far over pleased with my self! This is also the first project I have put together from just scraps I think! I am very proud of this. I also am proud that I could just "whip something up" for a friend. That just seems so cool

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Those are AWESOME! I want one! LoL, these would have been awesome stocking stuffers!