Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Years Resolution Check List

Well... At the beginning of this new year I did a check list room by room of what I wanted to get done. I"m going to look back and see what I got accomplished...

Guest room 2/office
-Hang the correct pictures in the picture frames-Nope...
-Utilize the organizational materials-YES
-Label the organizational materials-Yes
-Find at least 3 more pillows for the bed (can be seasonal)-No
- Keep plants alive-Yes and re potted!
- Rehang curtains-No, but they shrank... so now they actually fit even if I dont' love the placement!

Guest 1
-Add chair to corner -Yes even though its kind of too small with the giant bed

-Add side table with decoration-Not that I want to count
-Find decorations for wall, book case, tables, everything. -No not at all
-Spiff up bed with over sized pillows, little ones, round ones, etc -A few more pillows... but nothing special if anything it just confused the look
-Fix the curtains (hang higher, get rid of, revamp, whatever it takes!)-didn't even touch them...
-Simplify look-HAHA yeah, my catch all room, simplified... haha
-Re use as much "decor" as possible in the final design
-Find a better place for books (preferably not all in the open-Yes, under the shelves
-Clean out all the junk-It got organized...-
-Clean out unusable/wearable clothes (i.e. the wedding dress in the big bag on the floor right)-Nope... still hoping...
- Make use able for a guest (all our guest will be long term, at least a few days)-Guest made it without getting lost or dieing.Check..
-Clean out-Nope, not really
and in general -Paint the walls.-Nope... and decided not too...

Master bed
-Sew new "duvet cover" -now, might go new way with this not sure yet
-Find permanent home for hampers in closet -Well there is space but it never stays
-Acquire decorative pillows-Not one... but I want to make them now...
 -Find two side tables (miss matched due to uneven sides) -husband will make, to cheap or picky to buy
-Find new alarm clock and fan-no clock, fan check
-Make decision on lighting in room and put it to use -installed fan and will be buying lamps
-Make/buy head bored or wall art CHECK!!! haha blue head board!
-Rehang curtains-no....
 -Solve blind problem-Yeah, got rid of them!
-Solve light problem -Overhead lighting with fan...
-Paint walls Blue (actually depends on how well the "duvet" comes out) No, cream, this winter
-Clean off the un-needed (i.e Lamp shade and plant for starters) very clean everything is in guest bedroom 2 right now...
-Make it more functional and stylish -not yet...
-Organizational system (the wire kind you put together your self) -I wish... might  make my day!

Well... I'll stop there for now. I was going to make a list of what I plan for 2011, but that looks like it will have to wait!

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