Monday, December 27, 2010

Pillow Apology

Well I didn't get my Grandma's blanket sent out until today. And since she hasn't seen it I won't post it for a few more days... but as an apology I made her a pillow. My first adventure into pillow making. I think I'm addicted. I whipped it up in maybe 30 minutes. Helps that I already had the panel pieced. Apparently I had had this idea before. It was material left over from this quilt that I had sent my grandma this summer.

This morning I decided to finally send out my last Christmas present. But it need an apology pillow for not being there on time. I dug through my scraps to find a 15 inch panel already pieced. Great! so then I tried to figure out what to put on the back of the panel so I could quilt it. Oh...*looking up* a blue sheet left over from this and this project. IT MATCHES! Wow... I am shocked and excited because I have SO much of it left over. It was a king sheet set that I have large sections of scraps waiting for a new purpose.

Enough dilly dally... pictures!

The first is a close up of the backing and quilted top fabric. So they aren't perfect, but they are close enough! Also the backing is so soft its hard to pass it up.

This is a close up (and un blurry) picture of the fabric and quilting. Just did a quick stipple.  If I had thought about it I would have gotten a picture of the back panel. It looked so much better then the last time I tried to stipple with that fabric. I'm sure its the machine but I'll hope that its my sewing ability improving!

Last but not least. The actual whole pillow! There are four layers of "white" prints and then three layers of HST in blue and red. I had a lot of blue and red left over from the quilt. I'm sure that's how these got pieced together.

Hope you enjoy it Grandma! It measures about 12x12 inches (I think). Its just something cute to put in a chair or next to a 'real' pillow.

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