Thursday, December 30, 2010


Score one for the cheap project(s)!

I have a friend from high school having a baby in march. Can't say we are that close anymore. Last time I saw her in person was my wedding and I think I hugged her and moved on... before that was some time in early college. Any who... the baby!

I had thought about doing a quilt. But... a quilt for a baby  I might see once in a few years... nah. Then I thought about doing fabric blocks. I have made one and loved the easy and how it related to the project at hand! But what colors to do? Well, I'm on a primary color kick now... and that honestly sounds great for a baby and toddler. So.. off to the store I went today after work.

As I was looking around I came across the 30% off baby fabric! Score... OK so its not really primary... but I was pumped. So I looked around and found a panel of fabric that makes a ten page book about a zebra with rainbow stripes. So after some consideration and a text to a friend who actually has a child, the book won out. I figured I would fix it up and make it like a "quite book" the best I could.

Then.. I wondered around thinking "Oh... holiday sale!" Stumbled over there only to find two panels of Christmas stories. One is the Night before Christmas with amazing images and the other is a story about a mouse, didn't really read it. Score two and three! Even better... 60% off. So I got a yard of book for 2.99. They had one of each left. Seriously considering getting them tomorrow. I might need them for future projects! Could make for a really neat quilt!

Add in some snaps, buttons, and notions, and I have my evening planned out! Yippee

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