Saturday, January 01, 2011

I'm Blushing!

Alright I'll start off like every other blog... Happy New Year. Since I can't figure out how they make a collage and my number of finished products can all be seen on the side bar I'll skip that part.

I am however starting a new project. With the blushing fabric the husband got me from Moda back on black Friday, I have finally decided to make a project. I cut into it last week. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I have a yard of each fabric and I'll be using at most 7.5 inches off of long side... so I don't feel so bad. I will be doing a version of "I'm Blushing"

I had seen this quilt a while back and my Type A personality gets over annoyed by the flowers on one side. I really can't do Asymmetrical well. So i decided to change that part up a bit and continue the 7 blocks 3 rectangle design. So maybe this is I'm blushing too/two. Another big change I am making is instead of doing a white background I'm using the dirty brown from the line. Instead of a solid brown it has brushes of blue and tan in it. This quilt is for a friend's wedding. This particular friend and I roomed together 2 if not 3 semesters in college. Which is actually saying a lot since I moved every semester. I called her up to ask her what her colors were in her living room (say I might be able to get around to making her something) and she said it was a deep pink. Well this line has pink, deep pink, and a rose color all rolled into multiple prints so it was an easy choice.

I think the simplicity of the design and my changing the background to brown will hopefully make this fully functioning pink piece "gender neutral" as much as it possibly can. Hopefully it also takes away the "maybe its baby quilt" feel.

So, that leaves me working on this and the zebra book. Hopefully I can get them both done on time. I know they only need a few hours of work each... I just actually have to do them!

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  1. It's cute! The fabric you got will look awesome too! Can't wait to see it!