Sunday, January 02, 2011

Still blushing

So with a three day weekend I have steamed rolled "I'm blushing too". I finished cutting everything I could possibly cut last night. This included the whole yard of dirty brown, which won't be enough, and all the pieces for the blocks and rectangles! I have been sewing for maybe an hour plus this after noon and have all the squares put together. I just need to iron them and put the top and bottom strips on the rectangles. This quilt is going together so quickly I told Hubbs "this will be a repeat" because it will look so nice yet will be so easy! I am already posturing it with white back grounds and maybe school colored blocks? Or a two tone? can you picture a red quilt with aqua prints? I mean, those aren't my style but its pretty!

Also last night, since I was on a cutting spree, I started squaring up my fabric from the California trip. I'm getting about an 11 x 8 7/8 rectangle out of most pieces. when I cut these they might require a little working to fit just right. Some of the squares are even smaller then that before I tried to square them up, so we'll see. Hopefully this can be a project to work on for my self!

 I'm also still working on the fabric book. I just commission some knitted animals to go with it. I have decided to make up a bag for the whole gift so that the little one will be able to care it around eventually. If your counting that is 3 works in progress. Pretty good I think.
Took these off my friends facebook page! Hope she doesn't mind. I asked for a Lion, something else, and a Zebra if its in the book. I think these would be so cute with the book! they actually might be better then the book! Ha. If you want some knitted animals too let me know and I'll pass on her information to you!

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