Monday, January 31, 2011

Hanging the Stockings...

Wait... not the stockings. Hanging the pictures with care. Granted I did use wrapping paper to mark the sizes of the frames so you can see where my confusion came from...

First I cut out a bunch of frame sizes of the Ik.ea Ribb.a frames that we picked up this weekend (more on that later). Once I had quite a few (or at least one of each) I went to town.

The first one was a little small I know now, also too high. The point is obviously to fill the space between the two lamps and make a nice collection of frames.

By this point husband figured out how to do this all in Word or Excel and we played on the computer before tearing down and re posting the paper. We also figured out that we had left off a picture size and went (literally) back to the drawing board.

We even tried a slanted option. I felt the need to fill in the bottom left or put more on the top right in a smile sort of way. Basically it was probably the easiest one to say no to.

 Then husband started fiddling around. his style of placement and mine are VERY different. He shoots for symmetrical and even spacing and large square space. You can see here (if not for my bad cutting) that his arrangement took the shape of a giant rectangle where my previous ones are more free.

Of course to counter act the box look that I couldn't handle I tacked on 3 5x7 frames on the sides.

Husband took this a little further and played with the image some more....

So the final arrangement that we choose was this one. The top and bottom frames are not level (original design a few pictures back), 2 next to small size frames were added and the small frames don't look so random anymore. 
I still think the center line going down the arrangement will eventually line up with the couch center, but for now I didn't want to bother moving all of the pieces a few inches.

Sorry the lighting is so bad in all of these pictures. We didn't make it home until dark from our "Day-O-Shopping" and by the time we built, made, and drilled our way through other projects (post to come soon) this one was started late in the evening. If there was time stamps on these photos you would see about a 3 hour span of time ending around midnight.

What is going in all these picture frames you might ask? Well, husband and I are working on a large project. Which actually translates to me. Just me working on this project. Its going to require new fabric and some sewing. But let me point out that the next room over is field with 2 model ships and one air plane, the table just out of sight in most of these images will soon have a large 3 ft model and the wall across from the arrangement (over the entry) will have a LARGE "antique" model airplane also. So, needless to say Hubbs thought I should lend my "talent" this this project, thus where the sewing comes in. Yes, in the frames. Lets hope it works out well! If not..I am not afraid to scrap the idea!

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  1. I love big groupings of picture frames like this! Cant wait to see what this will turn into!