Tuesday, February 01, 2011


The bathroom make over is reaching its "end for now" stages. We are to a point where any other work that needs to be done will require weather warmer then freezing, above freezing, or anything that resembles the feeling of freezing. With that in mind the trim, door making, and maybe something else (slipping my mind) will be done with some sun shinning. But to get to the real end for now stage we needed to find a mirror to cover the hole the medicine cabinet left and also creatively cover the mess the other cabinet left. I'll stop now to address the previous owners

 "Hi, I know you don't know me, but I hate your painting style. See I bought the house from you, and all though I love that you painted EVERYTHING white before you left I would have liked it better if you would have taken fixtures or layers of wall paper off first. I now have to alter entirely too much of my decor to hide and conceal your mistakes. Thanks again for the house."

Wow, ok that being said, Saturday we went out after dinner to look for a mirror. We had seen one, somewhere, and were on the hunt. Needless to say with "somewhere" as my location we never did find what we were looking for... even after three locations. So Hubbs said "Tomorrow is Sunday right? Lets go to I.ke.a." Now mind you, this is amazing. He hates that store and doesn't understand how I can spend hours in there. Once again, different decorating styles! 

Bright and early (after we rolled out of bed) we headed north! Sunday mornings are very busy. Had no idea! We start making our round only to find that they had actually changed a few of the display rooms since we had been there last. I LURVE the display rooms. I have no idea how to use their cheap and annoying items with out them. Seriously... if you see all their book cases together they look sad, put them in a staged room with some boxes, textiles and a lamp and it looks like a million bucks. Well at least a few thousand.

Needless to say 2 hours later we walk out with the frames from the other post, a mirror, a lamp, two end tables and a new craft "desk". Wait, what? Yeah. I know me too. The mirror was on "the list" of things to get. The lamp, two end tables, and frames were pick up projects that we have been vaguely working on. The desk was a complete surprise. It was actually a center island top and sides but marked down from like $350 to $75 Hubbs couldn't pass up such a large chunk of wood. He pointed out "I can't make a table this cheap. We need to buy this and use it somewhere" HA! So it will be a craft desk eventually. Just not sure where... its HUGE!

After that we went to lunch, after all it was close to 2. I mentioned how I wouldn't mind going to the mall and hitting up their stores to see if we could find a shelf and a lamp for my side of the bed. After hitting the mall and finding now shelves ( not one seriously...) and no lamps that would work with my "modern and classic" version of my room in my head I mentioned we could go across the highway and check out Pier.one.

We get over there and I find a large glass candle stick that I have been eyeing for over a year. This glass is a little more pink then the one from a year ago, but you wouldn't know it in a room with red. I say "I really wish I could find a lamp like this. It would be perfect" Hubbs says "I can make that a lamp, they have kits and I'll just drill a hole".... I'll leave it there. We did finish our Day-O-Shopping with a trip to get drill bits.... project to come!

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