Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Master Ideas

Well since I basically decided to scrap the blue (still haven't convinced husband to move the blue head board, but a girl can dream...) I have moved on to "decorating" with new colors. once again, dark brown wood is a requirement, after that the slate is clean.

After searching Pottery Barn and West Elm (um, my new loves by the way) I have found some great bedding. Now, they are just looks that I would want to achieve after making my own bedding... and I cant' tell if I have a theme or a reaction to the gloomy weather... but I have picked lots of yellow. LOTS! Well, two out of three.

First, yellow, green, and white. I am LOVEing this bedding. The birds are even cute...but not what I would do. love the white curtains, could pick a different color wall, but I'm sure it would all look nice with dark trim. Score!

Then there is the Yellow, white, and brown look. I can totally picture my self doing a large yellow duvet with wavy brown stitching up the length of it. The pillows would be easy to match. More brown for the winter and more white and yellow for the spring. Maybe even a burnt orange in the fall. A girl can dream. I could still paint the walls an off white, use dark trim and rock this bedding!

Then there is Orange. Now, my house has a lot of orange... and red. Its bedlam baby... well for those who get the reference. So this wouldn't be a far stretch from the rest of the decor and if we have move houses the pieces could easily be swapped to fit new spaces. I am also liking the idea of white and any other color with the brown. Well OK, not any other color, but the two tone and wood is something I could easily get away with.

So, what do you think? Which one? change your vote?

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