Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blue Guest Room

I think I have decided the blue head boar needs to move to the Guest room. If you couldn't tell by the title. Currently I have a dark wood book case, shelved unit, and bed frame. The bedding is a tan khaki colored heavy duty quilt comforter combo. I also have two off white and blue shams and then three cobalt blue pillows. That is what I am working with. I will be moving the light blue head board in there if I can convince the husband. With that in mind I would really like to do the following bedroom.

It has the dark wood required, white walls (bonus no painting) and khaki and blue bedding. Honestly It couldn't be better then this! Now I think I have dark brown sheets, so I would just add some khaki pillows, some more dark blue (removing the cobalt ones) and "hide" the light blue head board that only kind of matches.

I would also like to add a desk to the room probably removing the shelved unit. I would love to do a painted piece like this, only more of the blue above and not with the pottery barn curtains. Granted these are all some sort of Pottery barn pictures... so I guess my new love is PB. Who would have thought.

I am also loving this look. The white desk, and busyness. The stick "frame" around the board and the funky chair. Very do able. 
So what do you think? Think I could pull this off? I think it would work. I just need to make some pillows, rehang a head board and my creative decorative touches!

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  1. I think you totally could do it! I love love love blue desk, how you have my mind on redecorating!

    I found this quilting shop in Trafford PA, and its pretty good! They have lots and lots of Moda, a good bit of Robert Kauffman, but definitly still have a good selection of pretty drab "fuddy duddy" fabric. I like that they always have a pretty good selection of charm packs, fat quarter bundles etc. In emailing with the girl from the Greensburg MQG,she said they were planning a shop hop in the spring to some decent quilt shops in the area! I dont know how close you are to Allison Park in the North Hills, but there is a pretty nice shop, I think its called the Quilt Company? Its really big, a lot of Moda, but even some Heather Ross and other designers.

    oh and Go Steelers!!