Friday, January 14, 2011

Master Bed Room

So I am facing a problem. A little over a year ago husband and I bought some new bedding. Then I started quilting about this time last year. Now, I am aching to finish decorating my last two bedrooms. What does new bedding and my quilting really have to do with it? Well, I can't figure out what colors to put in the guest bedroom. I keep leaning towards Khaki and blue since I have added blue pillows to the room and I have to keep the very nice Khaki colored bed spread. Its a heavy weight, great for winters kind of bedding, that needs a quilt. What does that have to do with the master bedroom? Well Hubbs and I made a headboard for the master this summer.Which I don't think I ever blogged about... hum, bad blogger. Well its light blue and pretty. Its not the exact blue in the bedding but it could match. However all this thinking got me to consider moving the master quilt into the guest room, rocking the blue pillows and adding some khaki and red and making the master a new quilt. But I would have to keep the head board so the colors still need to involve light blue... or do they? This is my picture journey trying to decide. Could you help please?!

In the spirit of keeping the light blue head board I could....

Add in touches of green and brown. The trim will already be a nice dark brown along with the large dresser/armor that we have. Do able.

Add touches of olive and navy but pretty much keep it blue and white. I mostly added this picture because the blue on the walls is very similar to the headboard but I'm not really feeling the look.

Acknowledge that my blue and this blue aren't exactly the same but rock the orange anyways! I think it would be fine with the dark brown furniture.

Go Al' Pottery Teen and  rock the burnt cherry, light teal, and sage. Obviously in a more grown up way, but you get the idea, even with the quilt bedding! No red wall though, maybe one, but probably just pillows.
Forget about color and go monochromatic. There are so many great pieces of blue out there. Just keep it in the muted tones and don't throw anything in there too jewel tone. Kind of country... but that's what my house is shaping up to be.

Or skip the country, mingle with the mono and style it bright with popping shades of blue!

Or... skip the blue head board and let the guest room  rock it and move on to cooler and bright things

Living this off the wall head board. The letters and colors I am DIGGING!! I could even keep the dark furniture, use the red duvet we already have and just add some funk. Seems the easiest! Could probably even use the holes in the wall left from the head board to hang these things. But where to find them? Seems like everyone is snatching up letters.

The guest room would then look something like this. Nice large head board, light blues, creams, and dark furniture. Actually would match the house quite well.

So what do you think? I'm going to make a poll to see what everyone else thinks in a very math/graphic way. Have any other color combos I could try? Must go with dark furniture and trim and the wall color can't be too crazy. Obviously it boils down to what I can talk the husband into. We'll see!

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  1. Ok, so after searching through your pics and finding one of your bed and and headboard, I am voting for Red and Blue. That way it still matches your bedding and headboard. You can still add fun and funky red pieces throughout the room and tie it all together.

    Plus in a few years you can totally redo it when the bedding is worn out. Then I would vote for funky bright blues and whites!