Sunday, January 09, 2011


I have done little sewing lately with the "bathroom remodel" in progress. BTW did I say I just wanted to paint... that's it, just tide me over with a little new color! Now, new color, painting, sanding, and etc the hubbs will be laying new floor and making me a new tile backsplash. Yeah for progress!

Now for creativity...I keep seeing these amazing tings on the web and I just have to get them done! So I am making a list... a list on my side bar >>>> of what I want to get done. If I'm good I'll cross them off when they get done and add more when I find something. So... that could be my "new years resolution" is to keep up with this list. I think it could be a doosy!

Also have to update you on grandmas quilt. Maybe for another time though, when its not 11 at night and I'm half a glass of wine in... yeah half a glass... and I'm tipsier then I would like to admit. Apparently drunk since I admitted this on the blog. Good thing no children read this!


  1. Hi! To sign up for the Greensburg Modern Quilt Guild I just went to and along the right hand side there is a list of all the guilds nationwide, just click on the Greensburg, PA one and it will take you to the Greensburg "page", I believe there is a place to select "request membership" and you fill out a little questionnaire, and I believe its Cindy who started the group so she will accept your membership and then you have access to the local page, etc. You definitly should, it would be great to meet you in real life!

  2. yeah, now that I think about it, thats more like what it was...did it say something like your request will be sent for approval or something to that effect? Anyways, I think later that evening I got an email from Cindy welcoming me...I think the next meeting they have planned is for Jan 27 in the evening, she sent me a link to the block they are making to construct a quilt for project Linus, so I'm excited to be involved in that. I had also found a guild out this way...but like you, totally not modern at all! Hope to see you soon!