Friday, January 07, 2011


I painted the bathroom today!

I have been bugging Hubbs that we haven't worked on the house since the basement and that I really needed to make some progress. Looking at other houses was making me down about this one. I need to fix something, sure enough this worked!

We took off all the fixtures and molding. this is the only room with "original" molding that was white. I dont' count the white molding in half the basement because I forget about it! So those will be thrown out because they ugly, and replaced with dark stained pieces along with crown molding. I did take before and after pictures that I'll get around to posting... but we aren't finished yet. Husband will be laying new Pergo floors tomorrow! Yippy! I am very very very excited to get some hardwood floors out of this man! He will also be making a tiled counter top and back splash ala basement. Stay tuned.

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