Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Febuary Bee Blocks

So yesterday's snow of 6 inchs incouraged me too call off work. I figured this would be an excelant time to work on bee blocks since this weekend I will need to send out my own fabric for the Solids March bee (I got bumped from August!)

This first one was for PB&J (I think) She sent "enough to do two" I busted out four. It was log cabin and came together quick enough so I thought "Why not?"

 I believe they were Robert Kaufmen fabrics... but I don't know and don't really care enough to go look it up!
 Not really my style of fabrics... they seemed to be a mix of various lines..
 And I really didn't like the dark pieces.

 However if I could have omited them I think I would have liked the vitage sheet look
  For Fresh and Funky I got to make "Chocolate Strawberry" Nine patch. There was 6 different red prints and a chocolate inch for sashing. Not my style at all... but I think fot a quick block its very affective.
 Now, A block that I even considered doing my self. For the solid bee we did a Modarian block. But, I ran out of Grey/Navy sashing and wasn't able to piece my block together correctly... well honestly I measured wrong and it was an inch short... but whatever! The strip of navy would go between the top pieces and the stragler. Very modern. I considered doing one in primary colors and Christmas.

I also did a bee block for the scrappy bee that I host, but I sent it back before February had even started so I hope I have posted that picture!

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  1. OOooo, I like the chocolate strawberry one!!!