Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fat Quarters

I just bought fabric online. I'm a little nervous. Its not like I needed to see it in person. It was for the  Bottled Rainbow quilt that I will be making... but my local fabric shop didn't have all of the colors (even though they were having a 25% off sale) and then my LQS doesn't actually carry solid solids. So I went online. The major fabric stores would only sell me whole yards. I don't know if I want whole yards and since a fat quarter will do it I kept looking. Sure enough I landed at The Fat Quarter Shop.

Everyone seems to have ordered from them at one point or another and they will let me have half a yard. Just occurred to me that I could have gotten .25 possibly and saved some money... but this is fine too. Now I will have a LARGE variety of solids. Hubbs might think I am crazy by the time I get all this fabric in. He can't be too mad... it was free shipping.

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