Thursday, March 17, 2011


So I had a stretch of 2 days off (no weekends to speak of though) and got some accomplished!

Finished my brothers pillow. I ended up doing a 10 by 11 rectangle of random pieces of left over fabric from his quilt. I'll take a picture and post soon. It still needs to be stiched up, but I'll do that when I have some time!

Went to the fabric store tuesday and got 2.5 yards of a 108 inch brown that allowed me to not have to piece the back of mom's quilt. Also got some warm and natural batting. It was SO very nice to work with! Put the sandwhich together and basted it all up. Now just waiting to get my small projects (bees) out of the way so I can concentrate on the quilting. I picked a tan colored thread that I will be diagnoly stiching through the khaki color. However this would be some very dense quilting and the batting allows for up to 10 inchs to not be quilted... so I might rethink this plan and go with something simpler!

Also got another bee block done. I had already done one for Krista in my Scrap bee but she is sending me scraps for the bottle rainbow and I told her for an exchange I would do another block!

Going to work on my Christmas bee blocks next. Our host sent all the pieces perfectly cute and asked for 2 blocks. Easy enough if I dont have to cut!

Also prewashed all of my rainbow fabric, time to iron and cut! yeah!!

Picture to all come later!

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